Q: I've never ridden a jet ski before, is it easy?

A: Yes. Our staff will provide complete and thorough instructions prior to your rental. We will make sure you have all the information you need to have a safe and fun rental experience.

Q: Are jet skis stable, can they tip over?

A: Modern jet skis are very stable, you can stand on one side without flipping the jet ski over. Extra passengers may increase the risk of tipping over or falling off, but ultimately safe control rests with the driver.

Q: How old do you have to be to rent / drive a jet ski?

A: State law requires a person to be at least 18 years old to rent, 14 years old to operate, and passengers can be any age.

Q: What kind of jet skis do you rent?

A: Our current fleet consists of 2018 Yamaha VXR and EX jet skis which provide an unbelievable experience on the water.  With high output engines and safety features like, mirrors, gauges, reboarding step and Yamaha's in RiDE traction control, you are in for a great ride.

Q: Do we have to wear life jackets?

A: Yes, life jackets are required by law and are provided with your rental at no extra charge. We have a range of sizes to meet everyone’s needs.

Q: Can we switch drivers?

A: People on the same jet ski can switch from driver to passenger at any time throughout the rental. The skis are stable and this can be done very easily.

Q: What if I have a problem or need help?

A: Our ride zone is always monitored by our staff on their own jet ski to help and assist with any issues or questions. Our tour guides all carry waterproof phones and a safety box on every tour, and are never more than a whistle away at all times.

Q: How do I know when my time is up?

A: Our staff constantly monitors our ride zone for safety and will set up a signal flag when your time is up.

Q: How do I make a reservation?

A: Our website allows you to quickly and easily book our tours and rentals online.  You will automatically receive a confirmation email when your order is placed. You can also call us at (242) 441-6469 or email us at to book a tour. We encourage you to contact us in advance so we can accommodate your requests.

Q: What is the best time to rent?

A: The earlier the better. Mornings start of slow and progressively get busier as the day goes on, with peak times early to late afternoon.

Q: What other things can I do on Grand Bahama Island?

A: Visit the Official Grand Bahama Island Visitors Site.

Q: What is your Privacy Policy?

A: We do not store credit card details, nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.